3 Things to Consider Before Shipping Your New Car To Los Angeles

Let’s face it.

Inflation is getting too real out here. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, prices everywhere are at an all-time high and we can only hope for things to settle down sooner than later. Despite it all, however, we still live everyday like normal. We have to get up, go to work, pay the bills, spoil ourselves a little, and repeat. Life goes on and humans as we are, we get more creative at finding ways to enjoy ourselves without breaking the bank.

We always have a hack for every curve ball life throws at us.

Today, we’re going to talk about one particular hack that might save you a few grand if you’re in the middle of planning to buy a new set of wheels in Los Angeles.

Let’s talk about car shipping.

Should You Ship Or Buy?

Los Angeles, The City of Angels, isn’t quite angelic in terms of cost of living these days. In this article, a 2022 study shows that a single or unmarried person needs at least $76,000 to live comfortably in LA. Other cities in California aren’t that far behind with San Francisco taking the cake at $84,000 a year. That’s how much you need to live as a single person, not even as a family. 

All that being said, it is wise for people who are looking into making big purchases, like buying a new car, to do their research and see if they can land a better deal if they buy out of state. With prices skyrocketing left and right, learning how to save where you can become a necessary skill – especially for those who are just starting out on this thing called adulthood.

What To Consider When Shipping A Vehicle From Out Of State

Shipping a vehicle from out of state has its pros and cons. Same as when you buy a car from a dealership in your own state. Let’s tackle some of the things you should consider when buying outside Los Angeles.

The Car 

One thing we do advise when shipping a car from out of state is to purchase one from a dealership rather than a private seller, i.e. someone who puts up an online listing of the item you want to buy. The only exception is probably when you want a certain model that is no longer in the market and you can only buy it from another person. 

The reason why you would want to stick with authorized dealerships is that they would have a far better idea on how shipping a car to Los Angeles works, as well as help you process any registrations, permits, sales taxes, shipping requirements, etc. that you would need to comply with before you can have the item delivered to your door. 

Another reason is the warranty. Ordering a car out of state, especially used ones, is met with a certain level of risk. Needless to say, the risk is much higher if you buy from an individual rather than a business. If there are issues with your purchase later on, it would be much more troublesome to get help from a private seller than an authorized dealership.

The Distance

Next thing that you have to consider is how far away are you going to ship the car from. Car shipping fees would vary depending on the following factors: how far the shipping distance is from point of origin to point of delivery, the weight and size of the vehicle you need transported, the type of carrier transport you would prefer for your car, and the make or model of your vehicle, i.e the more high value the item is, the higher the fee as it comes with more liability.

If what you need to pay in shipping is almost the same as the price difference of buying the car in Los Angeles versus purchasing it from out of state, you may want to buy locally in that case (compare median prices here: Because other fees and requirements like passing the emissions test, paying “use tax” as per California law, and other payables that may come with the outside purchase might end up costing you more than just buying something from the local dealership.

Again, unless you are hell bent on getting a certain type of model that does not exist in the Golden State at present, you might want to reconsider your buying options.

The Shipping Company

Lastly, you would want to find a service that matches your car shipping needs without bleeding your finances dry. If you are already leaning towards shipping a used or new vehicle to your home in Los Angeles, then partnering with the right shipping company is your next priority. 

There are companies that offer terminal to terminal deliveries only, and those that can deliver your car right at your doorstep. Terminal deliveries tend to be cheaper than door to door deliveries, but if you are more particular about the process being more convenient rather than cheap, then the latter may be your best option. 

You would want a company that you’d be able to trust with your purchase and rely on in terms of managing all the paperwork for you.