4 Features to Look for in a High-Quality Vac Trailer

There’s a need for vacuum excavation jobs that don’t require a considerable hydro-vac truck. That’s where a combination trailer comes in handy. Suitable equipment options are essential for a vacuum trailer. Some customers want a bigger blower size for better suction, while others prefer certain hose materials. A vacuum trailer is an excellent option for jobs requiring frequent, short hauls or when a truck isn’t cost-effective. It can also save time on site restoration by reducing the amount of dirt that needs to be dumped.


A top-of-the-line vac trailer is designed with safety in mind. This includes everything from a low-oil or high-temperature engine shutdown to double shut-off protection and overflow shut-off valves. This enables the operator to safely discharge industrial waste into any dumpster, container, or dump truck without worrying about leaks or spills. It is also perfect for excavation, vacuuming emergency road spills and hazardous waste, keyholing, trenching, locating underground utilities without impact damage, cleaning irrigation canals, and drilling oil fields. If you are doing something on a smaller scale, you might want to hire an industrial vacuum instead or at the same time. They are still very powerful and they can help vacuum up grit, sand, and dust, keeping everything safe and tidy for work to continue.


Evaluating the weight capacity of a vacuum trailer should be a crucial factor to consider when purchasing. This will determine how frequently you’ll need to empty the debris tank, giving you more time to focus on excavation. Another crucial factor is the engine’s power, which affects the suction strength and loading/unloading speed. Your business’s success largely depends on the vacuum trailer’s power, as a more powerful one means less time spent on dumping debris and more time on excavation.


The filter on a vacuum trailer is essential to keep air contaminants and other unwanted substances from entering the vac system. This prevents the vacuum from contaminating the environment and can help extend its life. This feature is essential for hauling various materials, including oil and gas, mud, and water. It also helps maintain a safe operating environment for the operator and other personnel. This unit will do the job if you need to clean valve boxes, vacuum hazardous waste, or transport liquids and solids. It’s equipped with a double pump to keep the power on when needed and is easy to tow. It can be chain-ganged with a combination or hydro-vac unit on large jobs. The system is coded for hazardous waste hauling and has an automatic breaker shutdown system to ensure optimum safety.


There are many things to look for in a vacuum trailer to ensure it lasts. One of the most important is the construction materials. You want to avoid those with single-seam construction, as they tend to break down more quickly. Designed to collect industrial waste and automatically or manually discharge it into any container, dump truck, or bag up to 11 feet high. This model bridges the gap between the car and trailer-mounted vacuum loaders and delivers increased power and output without sacrificing compact design, maneuverability, and lower costs unique to trailer-mounted units. This unit is ideal for locating utilities, trenching, and excavation jobs. Often chain-ganged with a combination vac or hydro vac to increase payload and job site operational capacity.