8 Promo Gifts Perfect for Boosting Your Reputation with Active Clients

Promotional gifts are perfect for boosting your reputation as a company. Making your brand synonymous with quality and convenience is key. Designing promotional campaigns that target a specific subset of your customer base is the best way to ensure the campaign is hyper-successful. To help you out on this journey, here are eight promo gifs that are ideal for boosting your reputation with active, sports-loving clients and customers:

1. Sports Towels

When you’re out and about being active, it’s easy to build up a sweat. Help the sports lovers, joggers, and exercise freaks in your customer base by gifting them branded sports towels during your next promotional marketing campaign. Doing so can help them think about what your brand has to offer them every time they keep themselves dry and healthy after a solid workout.

2. Sweats

Speaking of sweat, one of the best active-supporting wearable promo items you can invest in is a quality pair of branded sweats. Sweats can often be stupidly expensive in retail stores but are actually fairly affordable when bought in bulk. If you want to give out a higher-tier promo item to your most loyal and active customers, you should seriously consider sending them their own pair of company-branded sweats to enjoy.

3. Sunglasses

Whether you’re staying active because you’re busy running errands, or you’re enjoying a nice day out in the sun, keeping your eyes safe and secure is a must. Gift your customers a pair of well-made and stylish sunglasses, and they will wear them out at every opportunity that they get. Each time they wear these branded sunglasses out in public, they will act as a “walking billboard” for your brand.

4. Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are perfect for sports lovers who need a convenient and sweat-proof way to store their valuables during practice (or an exciting scrimmage). Each branded drawstring backpack you give out has the potential to boost both your brand’s reputation and public visibility. If you know a local sports team or club that needs a sponsor, you’ll have the perfect chance to get your brand in front of tons of new eyes.

5. Hats

Similar to sunglasses, hats are ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes when you’re out and about. Unlike sunglasses, however, you need to be a bit more specific when designing a branded hat to give out as a promo gift. Hats can be more vulnerable to changing fashion trends, after all, so be sure to design your promo hat around color, size, and style trends if you want customers to be more likely to actually wear them in the public sphere.

6. Water Bottles

No matter what you’re doing to stay active, you must stay properly hydrated. The world’s population is becoming much more conscious about the importance of staying hydrated in general, as well, so water bottles have become a go-to choice for companies looking to run a successful promotional marketing campaign. If a customer becomes attached to the water bottle you gift them, they will build a much stronger and more sincere connection to your brand as a result.

7. Healthy Snacks

Speaking of hydration, it’s equally important to avoid being active on an empty stomach. That being said, you want to make sure you eat a healthy and appropriate amount of food. Help your active customers out by sending them promotional healthy snack packs during your next widespread promotional marketing campaign. Choosing the best snacks for your client can be tricky, luckily, you can read the guide by The Nutrition Insider to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The more time you put into researching what types of snacks they want, the more successful this marketing campaign is likely to become. Ultimately, you want to create a customer base that’s loyal enough to immediately think of your brand anytime they need the products and/or services that you offer.

8. Camping Chairs

As your customers enjoy being active, they’ll need an occasional break. Let them chill out in comfort by providing them with branded camping fold-out chairs. While this is definitely the most expensive promo gift on this list, it’s perfect for companies that are looking to run a luxury-tier promo campaign shortly.

If you’re looking to impress corporate-level active clients, this is a great gift idea to consider. However, be sure to only send these out to your most loyal customers. Doing so will make other customers more motivated to finally enter the top-tier customer list for your company. 

Stay Active, Stay Well-Regarded

By keeping active with your targeted promo marketing campaigns, you can stay well-regarded in the community where you’re doing business. Each different targeted campaign you perform will need specific bells and whistles, so always take the time you need to brainstorm a stellar promo marketing campaign plan.