I’m Paul. I work a corporate job by day here in Arizona and focus on side businesses and investing by night. I currently have 2 dogs in the house that I won, my first foray into real estate investing.

What started as casual journaling for nights and weekends while I work on side businesses has now grown into a full-blown blog. Which is pretty big to me. I’m not much of an internet person but I like that I can learn A LOT of new things from it.

Learning is a never-ending process for all of us. It makes us grow as an individual in many ways. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed working on my degree in school rather than a more corporate setting. Getting excited about learning and actively trying to maximize all their potential make me smile.

So my concept for citizen lunchbox is about the things that I observe on my everyday work life, both corporate and online. That’s continually learning skills that can help your life grow. Be it business, finance, marketing or investing in real estate which are my current passions.

My purpose on writing these entries will always be to share and learn at the same time.