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Top 3 Ways Independent Reading Can Benefit Your Children

Reading is one of the most important skills your children will learn at school. Even though it is healthy to maintain a distance between school hours and free time, reading can be practiced and developed outside the classroom. Learn about some of the reasons why your kids can greatly benefit by reading independently from school. 

1. Provides Entertainment 

There are many entertainment choices for the young ones to enjoy such as television shows, movies, video games, board games and outdoor recreation. However, there might be times where they can grow bored of screens, exhausted from sports or curious about trying something different. From the humorous works of authors like Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket to non-fiction books with fascinating facts about science and history, you will never run out of subjects and genres for your children to explore. 

2. Facilitates Family Bonding 

Spending time with family can get tricky due to life commitments, so you will need to find the best chance. Getting involved with the youth’s reading habits can be an excellent opportunity for bonding. If they are very young, you can pick up several books from the local library and read to them. Older kids can choose their own books, but you can still guide them towards choices appropriate to their age and reading level such as the works of child author Daniel Handler. If they are teens or older, you can show interest on their current books. 

3. Improves School Performance 

Although independent reading is generally done outside of the school curriculum, it can help children develop various skills that generally improve their academic work. For instance, their knowledge of vocabulary can increase, as well as their reading stamina and potential writing skills. A greater diversity of materials also means exposure to more viewpoints and increased insightfulness and empathy. Finally, choosing their own books encourages independence and engagement. 

School can teach kids to read, but their education does not have to end there. Organized reading beyond the classroom can benefit the lives of your children in multiple ways.