Industries Recovering After the Pandemic

No doubt about it, businesses were hit hard during the pandemic. Temporary closures, new social distancing guidelines, and general anxiety either forced businesses to close to pivot to create and operate via new strategies.

In the aftermath, we’ve seen many businesses close their doors permanently, while others have managed to survive and even thrive. Let’s take a look at industries that are recovering after everything thrown at them the last couple of years, and what it means for those seeking employment post-pandemic.

Businesses Hit the Hardest by the Covid-19 Pandemic

While every industry experienced hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic, some were hit harder than others. Whether it was lost wages due to closures, overworked employees due to the labor shortage, or lack of infrastructure to handle changing needs, here are some of the businesses that were hit the hardest:

  • Accommodation and Food Services
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Retail

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (

High-wage industries not only lost fewer jobs, but recovered them more quickly. By October 2020, job losses for this ground had shrunk to 3.5% relative to February 2022. Employment for this group exceeded February 2020 levels by 0.2% as of October 2021, and by roughly 4.0% as of October 2022.

Businesses That Thrived During Covid

Did you join the ranks of people who made home and yard improvements while social distancing? In the early months of the pandemic, homeowners had more time than ever before to stare at their interiors and property, and many of them didn’t like what they saw! Thanks to the ability to continue working remotely, and the stimulus checks distributed by the government, some people help businesses such as construction and lawn care thrive. Here are other businesses that were in high demand during the height of the pandemic:

  • Cleaning Services
  • Delivery Services (DoorDash, GrubHub, Amazon, etc…)
  • Drive-in Theaters
  • Fitness Equipment Companies
  • Food Storage Companies
  • Game/Puzzle Makers
  • Grocery Stores (people couldn’t eat out anymore!)
  • Liquor and Wine Stores
  • Meal Preparation Services (HelloFresh, Plated, etc…)
  • Online Tutoring Services
  • Telehealth Services

Many of these industries made it more comfortable to stay home and increased the quality of life for many during the pandemic.

Industries Bouncing Back After the Pandemic

With infection numbers varying two years post-pandemic onslaught, many people are getting back to “normal” routines. This includes traveling, shopping in person, and dining in restaurants again. This has allowed many businesses to resume some of their pre-pandemic practices, such as allowing customers back inside their lobbies or waiting rooms. The pandemic may even encouraged some businesses to embrace technology a little more and look to how they can digitize certain aspects of it. Plastic surgery facilities, for example, might now look to getting something like this emr plastic surgery as a way to store records electronically and reduce the risk of infection through touching lots and lots of paperwork. 

Fine Dining Restaurants

We’ve all probably had our fill of fast-food meals in the last couple of years. Thanks to the ability to eat in restaurants again, fine dining restaurants are seeing a resurgence in in-person dining. A survey conducted by Datassential in 2020 reported that the number one thing people wanted to do when the pandemic was over was eat in a sit-down restaurant again. If you’re running a fine dining restaurant and want to bounce back from covid slump, you should get some help from professionals to redesign and upgrade your restaurant, you can learn more here.

Despite the rising cost of food and inventory shortages, people are ready and willing to dine out again to celebrate the “new normal” we live in. Datassential showed that in-person fine dining gift card sales increased 57% in  2021 compared to 2020, giving restaurants a much-needed boost even if guests couldn’t yet make it to their dining rooms.

Restaurants such as Libertango, an Argentine steakhouse just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, aim to make their mark in the recovering fine-dining industry. They want to offer a great experience not just to their guests, but to their employees as well. Opportunities to create a career in food service abound with Libertango, as they know turnover is typically high in the industry. To combat that, Libertango is creating an atmosphere where people want to work, as well as dine.


One of the most rewarding aspects of working in fine dining is the satisfaction that comes from creating beautiful dishes. When you work in a restaurant that takes pride in its food, you’ll have the opportunity to create dishes that are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Another great thing about working in fine dining is the opportunity to build strong relationships with your co-workers. When you spend long hours working together in a fast-paced environment, you quickly learn who you can count on and who you can trust. These relationships can last a lifetime, and they’re one of the things that make working in fine dining so special.

Flying – Commercial and Private

In 2022, Utah-based flight training school FLT Academy predicted that the pilot demand forecast would be greater than ever before. The pandemic saw airlines offering pilots early-retirement-incentive packages, which meant there was a shortage of qualified pilots available, even for the lower demand for flying. FLT Academy shared data from consulting firm Oliver Wyman, which predicted that there would be up to 50,000 jobs available for pilots by 2025. So, if you’ve ever thought about working as a commercial or private pilot, post-pandemic is a great time to begin your schooling.


One of the best things about being a pilot is that you get to see some amazing places. Sure, you might not always be jetting off to exotic locales (if you’re a commercial pilot, most of your flights will likely be between major cities), but even flying between New York and Los Angeles can be an amazing experience. And if you’re lucky enough to fly internationally, you’ll get to see even more of the world.

Another great thing about being a pilot is that you meet all sorts of interesting people. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world. And because you’re constantly meeting new people, you’ll never get bored.


Many people who worked in healthcare before the pandemic got burned out. They’ve switched careers in the last couple of years, opening up a lot of jobs in a variety of healthcare fields. From nurses to pediatric dentists and general practitioners to therapists, the healthcare industry needs talented people.

US News lists the following as some of the best healthcare jobs of 2022:

  • Dentist
  • Esthetician and Skincare Specialist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Veterinarian


The beauty of many of these industries is the ability to find your niche within. Like children? Work as a pediatric dentist or pediatrician. Businesses such as Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry can provide stable working environments for hygienists or dental assistants for as long as children are losing their baby teeth. If you love the field of medicine but prefer non-human patients, look at training as a veterinarian or vet tech. There is always demand for individuals in healthcare fields, no matter what you want to specialize in.