Is a Polo Business Casual Shirt Approved?

Polo shirts are back! Is a Polo shirt business casual? Yes!The casual Friday outfit has regained its position in the menswear classic. The polo shirts are simple and flexible as T-shirts, but the addition of the collar makes them look bigger and bolder.

A polo shirt makes you look great in a variety of situations. It’s great with shorts at the weekend; it looks good with denim at the bar and even with a cotton suit at an outdoor wedding. Polo shirts are also great for business casual outfits.

Not only for casual, but some companies also consider a polo shirt as an easy-to-style wardrobe choice that you can wear to work all year round. With the right combination and accessories, polo shirts can be a great choice for your work attire.

When and How to Wear a Polo Shirt

A Polo shirt is often considered a casual and stylish outfit. When it comes to an event that requires a formal shirt with a collar, sometimes wearing an Oxford suit or a fancy can be bothering.

Pollo shirts can actually be perfect for many occasions. A polo shirt is like a combination between a T-shirt and a collared shirt. It is comfortable to wear for events that are not too formal but not completely casual too. Now let’s find out more about polo shirts and how to style them.

Casual business events

A polo shirt is also a great choice for a business event with a casual environment. In these events, polo shirts are great to combine with jeans. Wearing a polo shirt in a casual business event can maintain your professional look without being uncomfortable with wearing formal outfits. It is also a good choice for a completely casual event at work.

Wearing a polo shirt with a dark-colored pair of jeans will make you look casual but still maintain your professional look at work. Navy and black washes pants are also great choices to be combined with polo shirts. You can also wear polo shirts in solid colors or fun patterns on more casual occasions at work.

On formal yet casual days

Polo shirts are perfect for casual business outfits. When your office allows a business casual look to work, a polo shirt will be a good choice for you. You can combine a polo shirt in your favorite color or patterns with other business clothing.

Polo shirts can be combined with any formal pants or chinos. On a more casual work day, you can combine it with more casual pants. Wearing a polo shirt for work is highly comfortable, but you still have a formal look.

When autumn approaches

Besides summers, polo shirts are also great to wear when autumn approaches. They are comfortable to wear when the weather begins to cool, and you will maintain your stylish business casual look.

When autumn approaches, you can wear a polo shirt with heavier pants. You will have your classy look, and also easy to layer when you commute to work during autumn. Polo shirts in dark or neutral colors are great for fall styles.

Perfect for hot summer days

A polo shirt is also perfect to wear on summer days. It goes well with the summer heat, and you still have your professional look to work. During hot summer months, wearing a polo shirt is much more comfortable for your long commute to work or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. You can wear a polo shirt with a pair of slack pants on summer days.

On warmer days, you can also combine a polo shirt with a pair of chino pants. Polo shirts always look great with chino pants. The pants are also perfect for summer: they have lightweight fabrics that make them ideal for warmer days. Wearing polo shirts to work in summer will change your summer work style in a comfortable way.

Things to Consider When Buying Polo Shirts

The two most important things to consider when buying a polo shirt are fabrics and fit.


Besides the right fabric, you should also consider the right fit when buying a polo shirt. Things to consider when choosing the right fit are:

  • The sleeves are two-thirds the length of your upper arm or less, or about half of your bicep.
  • The shirt’s length should not exceed the midpoint of the back pockets of your pants. Choose the right size that is long enough to tuck in but still looks good when your wear it untucked. The shirt should be a few inches below your belt and not higher than your hips.

So overall, choose a polo shirt that fits but is not too tight to your body. It should be a little tight in the arms and chest but loosen down to the waist.


There are two materials used to make polo shirts: natural and synthetic. The synthetic fabric is commonly used for polo shirts with performances that are designed for sportswear. Natural fabrics include silk or silk blends. However, they are not recommended as a work outfit as they easily lose color when wet.

Polo shirts with 100% cotton are recommended for hot summer months. The cotton fabric will make you feel comfortable during the warm weather. The fabric is also breathable and cool to wear.

The Best Polo Shirts for Men

There are many types of polo shirts: button-up versions, zip versions, long-sleeved, and many more that come with various fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and French terry. Polo shirts can be mixed with jeans, dress pants, a leather jacket, or a sports coat, depending on the occasion.

Here is the best recommendation for polo shirts you can find in the market.

OAS Terry Polo

This polo shirt’s fabric is very soft, but it’s not suitable for use in a tropical climate. It is made and knitted in Sweden. The fabric absorbs a lot of moisture and can stay dry. 

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

You can wear the Pensacola Polo for a slimmer look as it fits your chest, body, and sleeves. If you consider buying this polo, it is advisable to size up for a looser fit. The shirt has fine stitching on the chest pocket, and it has four buttons on the placket.

Lacoste Recycled Loop Polo

This is a unisex polo that is made with a blend of recycled cotton with virgin cotton. Because of this mix, the fabric has a speckled appearance. About 30% of the fabric is made of recycled cotton from unused polos. Even Lacoste’s logo is recycled.

Conclusions on is a Polo Business Casual

A polo shirt is business casual outfit approved, always has been. It’s part of a great outfit to be mixed and matched with many types of pants. It’s so comfortable to wear in all seasons, and it gives you a professional look at work. You can add some polo shirts with various colors and patterns to your wardrobe for a year-round business casual choice.