It’s All in the Details…How You Can Bring Your Retail Store to Life

When you are running a business, priority considerations include how to market your brand and products, the performance and safety of your staff, general customer service, and monitoring your sales closely so you can hit your targets and make a profit.

While these are certainly all very important aspects of running a successful retail store, you do also need to think about some of the finer details that can bring your store to life. The way you design your store and create an inviting space will make a huge difference to your customer experience and help refine your brand. Below are some examples of these small but significant details that will be the perfect finishing touches to your store.

Utilizing Signs

One detail you should think carefully about is how you can utilize signs in your store, and how they can help make your brand more visible. For example, having your business logo painted boldly on a wall behind the counter or in another visible space in the store can look stylish while making it clear what the brand is. You could even have a custom neon sign made for your business if this is appropriate décor for your brand. Using A-boards to put outside your shop when it’s open is another option to consider.

A Color Scheme Reflecting Your Business Brand

You should also think about the general color scheme you are using in your store’s interior design and how they fit in with your business branding. Using the same colors is important as this creates continuity and makes it clear that your store is part of a professional brand. It is also worth thinking about how these colors might impact the space of your retail unit as well.

Darker colors can make a space feel smaller, so if you don’t have a huge retail unit, lighter tones might be best, and you can incorporate your brand’s colors through smaller decorative touches or signs, as suggested above.

In-store Music

When you walk into a retail store, you might not pay a lot of attention to the music playing throughout – but if there is no music, it can feel almost unsettling. Background music can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere and can cut through other noises like chatter from customers or sounds outside the store. It is a small touch but one that can make a big difference, so this is something you need to look into. Learn more about background music for retail stores to see how important this is.


The right kind of lighting is essential in a retail store, most importantly for allowing customers to see products clearly when they are browsing. If you have even been in a store that has low lighting, it can be hard to navigate your way around, and also leaves you straining your eyes to view products on display.

Although harsh overhead lighting can feel too much at times, it’s better to have brighter illumination in your store, provided it’s not blinding to your staff and customers! Where possible, allow in as much natural light as you can, as this can help customers see as well as create a more calming atmosphere.

If you want to make sure your store has all the right finishing touches to bring it to life, consider the suggestions above and make sure you have included them.