Mind The Business That Pays You & Prosper

Sometimes minding your own business can benefit you. That’s where the trite saying mind the business that pays you comes from. When you care too much about someone’s business, you become absorbed in it. And that it makes you unaware of your problems.

When you’re involved too much in someone’s problem, the bad energy around that person will transfer quickly to you. So the bad things around that person can also start happening to your life.

When you see someone’s life falling apart, sometimes you want to get close to them. This is so you can sit and watch from a front-row seat. But when you are too close to the situation, karma will strike you too when it comes for the other.

mind the business that pays you quote

Sometimes people mind someone else’s business to help them ensure karma gets another person. Sometimes, these people are just being fake. And when they try to help someone to hit another person, sometimes they dig their own graves. They never realize that the universe and karma do not need their help.

So wisdom to learn: “If you can’t be loving, be nothing.” It means you don’t always have to be involved in someone else’s business. Sometimes minding your own business means keeping your life safe from the bad energy that could be transferred from other people. While it sounds selfish, someone else’s problems are never your responsibilities, and you need to focus on the business that benefits you.