Setting the Gold Standard in Personalized Air Travel

Since life is stressful enough, it doesn’t make sense to fly on commercial airliners that charge you more for their services yet deliver less and less in terms of comfort and convenience with each passing year. Instead, you may want to upgrade your air travel by choosing the personalized flying experience you’ll get by using a private jet charter service. If you’re ready to find out what the gold standard is once you get thousands of feet in the air, here’s all you need to know.

Minutes Instead of Hours

Between having to work your way through long lines at security checkpoints, waiting for your boarding passes, and then hoping your luggage actually arrives with you at your destination, it’s best if you choose to fly on a private jet rather than hoping for the best on a commercial airliner. 

By doing so, you’ll not only gain peace of mind but also have the advantage of arriving at the airport only minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. Since you won’t have to go through TSA lines or carry heavy luggage here and there, you’ll be able to sleep late and still have plenty of time to make your flight.

Bring Your Pets and Family

Rather than travel alone and experience the private jet luxury by yourself, why not bring your family, friends, and even your pets along for the ride? On a private jet, you can do just that and never be longing for the companionship of that furry family member who always gets left behind when you take a commercial flight. Even if you are traveling on business, you can take a private jet charter to New Jersey and still have plenty of time to have some fun with family, friends, and Fido.

A Comfortable Cabin

When you fly on a private jet, the comfort you experience is almost as good as that you experience at your own home. Instead of spending hours stuck in a small, uncomfortable seat surrounded by strangers and listening to children screaming and others talking about this and that, you can sit back in oversized chairs and relax. In addition to the seating area, you’ll also have access to an onboard bedroom with a large bed and bathroom facilities, including a shower and other amenities. Whether you want to get some work done during your flight or simply want to relax and unwind, the comfort you’ll find in your private jet’s cabin will make it easy.

A Five-Star Meal

No matter what you would like to eat during your private jet flight, it will be on the menu once you get on board and decide it’s time for a meal. Arguably the best feature of any private jet flight, many jets come with their very own gourmet chef to make your taste buds come to life. If you are eager to sample cuisine that is as good as any that is found in five-star restaurants around the world, your dream can come true on your private jet. 

However, keep in mind that a private jet meal does not always have to feature exquisite cuisine. If your eating tastes are simple, you can arrange to have hot dogs, burgers, pizza, fries, or even some candy and popcorn should you decide to sit back and watch an in-flight movie.

The Latest Technology

Finally, 21st-century private jets feature the very latest in technology. This includes the controls found in the cockpit and that you’ll need to enjoy your flight. If you want to surf online while in the clouds, your private jet will have the best Wi-Fi.
Also, expect your jet to be equipped with state-of-the-art televisions and other digital toys, surround sound that makes it great for listening to favorite songs, and lighting that can be easily controlled when you want to sleep. In addition to this, companies like Pilot John International can help airlines update their fleet’s components and maintenance equipment, helping to keep their aircraft optimized and functional with less chance of breakdowns and delays.
When you choose to go for the gold standard when personalizing your air travel, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find on a private jet. Before you know it, this will become the only way to fly.