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The Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living offers more than just 24/7 custodial care. Seniors are provided with an environment that supports physical, mental, and social well-being to enhance their quality of life and prolong their physical abilities.

It also helps them stay active, a key factor in slowing functional decline. Inactivity leads to muscle loss and can lead to physical frailty, which can be life-threatening.

Health Care on-Site

You know your loved one better than anyone, but assisted living plymouth ma (or anywhere else) is an option if their health declines to the point where they can no longer care for themselves. It may feel like a big step, but it can also be an opportunity for your loved one to recapture their independence.

Assisted living residences provide myriad physical activity opportunities, preventing and slowing functional decline. Studies have shown that physically capable seniors without daily social interaction experience rapid functional frailty, which is why Bradenton assisted living communities are designed to encourage socialization and keep their residents active.

Many assisted living facilities offer three cooked meals per day as part of their base price, eliminating the need for your loved one to pay for in-home aides or rely on family members to help with eating and toileting. 

Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Assisted living is often a better alternative to home care. Seniors can maintain their independence with the assurance that they are never alone. They can enjoy the company of others at mealtimes and participate in planned activities. They can also meet their needs with access to transportation services and help.

Moreover, they will no longer worry about grocery shopping or preparing meals. Depending on their needs, they may be assisted with bathing, dressing, or medication management. Those with dementia will receive quality care with 24-hour nursing staff and monitoring of mood and behavior.

Studies show that isolation can negatively impact both mental and physical health. Isolated seniors are at a greater risk of cognitive decline and more likely to die younger than those who have daily social interactions. Assisted living communities offer a sense of community and help seniors connect through various activities such as exercise classes, art projects, book clubs, and more.

Convenience for Your Loved Ones

Assisted living facilities are excellent for individuals struggling with daily chores like laundry, grocery shopping, or cooking. Many senior citizens lose the ability to do these things, which can be incredibly stressful for them and their loved ones.

Unlike home care, assisted living offers several convenient services and amenities to help your loved one stay safe, healthy, and happy. Residents can have prepared meals and social interaction, which research shows improves the quality of life for seniors.

Safety for Your Loved Ones

When it comes to safety, assisted living offers several benefits. Seniors living in retirement homes can receive assistance getting to appointments, shopping, and ensuring they take their medications on time. They can also enjoy social activities like playing games and going on excursions, which helps keep their brains active and increases their life expectancy.

Assisted living isn’t for everyone, however. Applicants must meet the nursing facility’s criteria for care level as determined by screening and assessment. In addition, they must meet the program’s financial guidelines.