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The Fastest Growing Career Fields

Individuals considering a professional requiring a degree should carefully consider the career field they enter. Some jobs are growing faster than others regarding demand, income, and need. Consider these leading career fields and determine if they may be a good fit for your interests. These occupations help you create stability and provide job satisfaction. 

Nurse Practitioner

The fastest-growing career right now is being a nurse practitioner. They are in high demand in every city across the country. This is due to the uptick in disease and conditions present in people everywhere. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career has grown in demand by 46% and has a median salary of approximately $120k per year to start. 

When it comes to education, most people pursuing a Nurse Practioner degree must attend school to receive their RN and then BSN. Once those steps are completed, you can participate in an accredited school for your NP, your master’s in nursing. 


The demand for educators is high. That means people interested in completing their degree from an accredited school can secure a job quickly in most areas of the country. According to, the average teacher’s pay is between $34k and $70k+ per year. There is an exceptionally high demand for elementary school educators with degrees. Programs like Grand Canyon University accreditation is ideal for pursuing this career. Speak with Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals, among others, to get started or get more information.  

Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand because the world relies on the internet and various websites to acquire information, goods, and services and interact with brands. Web developers are the individuals who skillfully craft the client’s website to appeal to their specific market, customer base, and visitors searching for information about their offerings. The average salary for a web developer is currently approximately $77k+ per year. 

Closing Thoughts

Now is the time to choose a career path to ensure a stable and satisfying career. Get more information from accredited colleges or trade schools to determine if they have a program that suits you. These rapidly growing industries need qualified individuals now and in the foreseeable future.