Why Hiring the Right People Is More Important Than Having the Best Tech

The debate has been long and ongoing as to whether it is now the age of the computer and how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change the world of work, killing jobs and making millions redundant. This article looks at the nature of current tech and discusses whether it is more important to have the right people for the business or the best tech.

It won’t matter what tech you have or don’t have unless you have the people to run, use, and understand the tech. Even AI requires programming and a certain level of ongoing monitoring and management.

How to Get the Best Human Resources

Hiring is critical unless you want to spend your valuable time firing. Your business should spend the requisite time doing research around any job descriptions or roles that are ‘required’. First, consider adding the tasks to another role or splitting the tasks between two existing roles, using existing staff, whom you know will able to do what the business needs at the most professional level possible.

Once you have the right human resources, you need to recognize them, understanding that for many of the hardest workers or most successful people, it’s about getting the job right and not necessarily the money. They will, therefore, need to be rewarded, and there are several great ideas for non-monetary employee rewards. Look to the employees and specific staff members themselves for ideas or provide a range of vouchers or experiences that they will enjoy and forever associate with and remember the company.

The point is that once you have the right staff, you should put the effort into keeping them. Many a business makes the mistake of thinking that staff are easily replaceable, and when they leave, are left with a huge knowledge gap.

People Over Tech

The most successful businesses have all noted that the best way to implement new technologies is to first have the right people in place and then bring in the new tech. Modern technology is such that all businesses will have similar technology and, as such, it will be in the precise use and implementation of this tech that the ability to surge ahead will be determined.

The ongoing argument, as AI potential improves and the reality of the metaverse comes to the fore, is that AI will create further job opportunities and programmers are in huge demand.

There can be no credible use and development of AI without talented human resources in the background and on the maintenance team.

The debate as to whether it is the people, the process, or the most important technology will long be at the crux of establishing and maintaining a credible business. It’s as Richard Branson noted about his success – train your people well enough so that they can leave at any time, but treat them well enough so that they want to stay for as long as possible. It’s these people that will make a success of your business. It’s the right people that will trump tech and the related processes every time.