Why Self-Storage Automation is Important?

In today’s on-demand society, people expect prompt customer service. That’s why storage operators embrace automated self-service solutions, from AI chatbots to kiosks and digital gate access. Automation can reduce staffing needs, increase convenience for tenants, and boost revenue. It’s a must-have for every self-storage facility.

Reduced Staffing Needs

One of the biggest challenges that most self-storage owners face is staffing shortages. The mass exodus of employees dubbed “The Great Resignation” has made it difficult to find people to fill positions.

Fortunately, a solution exists in the form of self storage automation, which can reduce your staffing needs while simultaneously providing better customer experiences and higher profitability. In short, automated self-storage management software takes 99% of the manual, mind-numbingly repetitive tasks off your team’s hands so that they can focus on what humans are good at delivering great human experiences.

When your staff can spend more time on other business operations, it opens up your business for growth and expansion, leading to increased revenue! Automated self-storage management software provides several scalable solutions which enable operators to easily modernize their facilities with new technology or accommodate changes in industry regulations.

In addition, many automated 24-hour self-storage sites have saved on overheads by not hiring employees to clean out units, perform lock checks, hold auctions or deal with customer service issues. Additionally, automated self-storage management software can help operators track and analyze their facilities’ performance via several reports available on the platform. This allows managers to make informed decisions about their business and operational strategies for their portfolio of self-storage locations.

Increased Convenience for Tenants

Automating parts of your self-storage facility can be a great way to make things easier for you and your tenants. It can also increase your revenue and decrease your costs, depending on what you choose to implement.

Automation systems are reshaping the self-storage industry. They can streamline processes like move-in and payments, allow you to offer online rental and move-in options, improve your online presence and more!

Tenants want to feel comfortable using modern technology at the stores they visit. They want to be able to rent a unit, open and close it with their phone, pay for their storage and even access their storage space from the comfort of their home or office. Automating your self-storage facility can help you do that without the need for any staff. This means you can keep your store open during the day while maintaining a safe, secure environment for your customers. The convenience of this kind of technology can help you win new customers and keep them longer. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce your overhead costs, making it easier for you to grow your business and take on new opportunities!

Increased Revenue

Self-storage facility automation offers a variety of benefits to both facilities and customers. For example, fully automated facilities use modern software and systems to allow consumers to reserve and pay for their units with little to no contact with a human representative. Automated self-storage facilities also provide a more convenient experience for tenants by making it easy to access their units, whether they are at home or away from the facility. Having an automated facility can increase the revenue that the operator receives from a single location. Many self-storage owners have found that automation solutions can help them adjust their prices based on occupancy levels, so they can maximize profit and generate more revenue from each unit. Another way that self-storage operators can increase their revenue is by using revenue management strategies. This type of system allows for a clear roadmap for pricing and optimization, so you can get an accurate view of how your business is performing. Using revenue management techniques can help you improve your profits, increase customer retention, and ensure that you meet your client’s expectations. In addition, you can use these tools to optimize your inventory data and make the most of your investments.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Automated self-storage facilities offer tenants various convenient services without interacting with a manager. Customers can rent a unit at any time of the day, pay their bills, retrieve gate codes, update their account information, and more – all with the help of a simple mobile app. For storage facility managers, automation tools free up their time for more important tasks like marketing, customer service, and other store-level responsibilities. They can also track vacant and occupied units, keep track of delinquent payments, and calculate rate changes.

When potential customer walks into your facility, you want them to have the best experience possible. A bad customer experience could lead to years of lost rental income. Fortunately, self-storage automation can increase customer satisfaction. It can also make your business more competitive by reducing staffing needs and giving customers more access to storage. People in our on-demand society expect prompt customer service and assistance. This is especially true in the self-storage industry, where renters expect to get answers to questions quickly and efficiently. The key to making this happen is automating the parts of your operation that are most critical for customer satisfaction. You will only be able to implement some things over time, but by adding a few tools, you can make your business more efficient while providing superior customer service.