Why You Should Ship Your Car to Another State (Instead of Drive It)

Your journey can go smoothly by removing external accessories, staying in touch with your carrier, and inspecting your car prior to departure – particularly during peak seasons when car transport companies may already be at capacity.

Make sure to prepare your vehicle by clearing away cup holders, glove compartments, and the trunk to facilitate easier shipping. Finally, be sure to update both registration and insurance information in your new state of residence.

1. Save Money

Shipping a vehicle involves many considerations: time, money and logistics are just three that could determine its final price; yet on average car shipping typically costs less than expected. If you’re wondering how to ship a car to another state, know that transporters may be more open to discussing discounted prices during off-peak seasons (such as winter) which can save significant amounts of money on your move, no matter where you are going to or ending up. But that’s not all that can save you some dough.

Before transporting your vehicle, it’s essential that you gather all the appropriate documentation. You may require proof of ownership, title documentation and permission from lienholders; as well as proof that its insurance covers shipping and delivery. Having this information ready ahead of the pickup date will expedite the process at your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Note that delivery timelines cannot be guaranteed, though you should expect your vehicle to arrive in about a week or two of initial pickup date. Booking early with terminal-to-terminal shipping can make things more cost effective; alternatively, choosing an auto transport company near your new residence could help save on expenses if moving away from city centers.

2. Save Time

Long-distance moves can be stressful for various reasons. Car companies offer various services and cost options that fit within your budget and needs, making shipping your car an effortless solution.

Driving can be a good option if the distance is short and you have enough time to enjoy your journey, but driving across country or coast can become prohibitively costly due to both gas and lodging expenses, plus wear and tear costs which reduce resale value or shorten lifespan. Shipping your car can be an affordable solution that saves both time and money in this endeavor.

3. Save Energy

Long-distance auto transport requires considerable energy. Not only will you spend many hours behind the wheel, but fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicle also take their toll. Therefore, hiring professional drivers to do the driving allows you to focus on other aspects of your move while they take over driving duties for you.

First, conduct thorough research on and compare multiple providers, paying special attention to customer reviews, services provided, pricing structures and insurance policies of each. If possible, try shipping your car during off-peak seasons when prices tend to be more affordable.

Before collecting and shipping off your vehicle for its journey, it is also crucial that you inspect it thoroughly. This will enable you to identify any damages which must be addressed prior to shipment, and fasten all seatbelts as vehicles often vibrate during transport and metal connectors can easily come loose during transit if they aren’t fastened properly.

4. Save Space

Car transport services provide owners with many advantages. Not only are they affordable and safe, but their quick shipping time also makes them convenient. When selecting a company to ship your vehicle through, make sure they have plenty of experience as this project requires many details being addressed properly.

Shipping your car can be an ideal way to move for work or take road trips with family. Shipping saves time and energy while eliminating worries about breaking down or getting lost along the way. Costs depend on distance, type of car and company chosen (as seen here). Before shipping it is also important that all personal items and fasten seatbelts securely as your car will shake and vibrate a great deal during transit; loose metal connectors could break free and damage your vehicle causing havoc during this process.!

5. Save Stress

Shipping your car can be an advantageous decision for many reasons. Not only can it save time and energy on an otherwise lengthy road trip, but it will also protect it from the wear-and-tear associated with driving across the country.

When shipping your vehicle, it will be inspected both prior to being loaded on the trailer and upon its arrival at its destination (source: A carrier will document any preexisting damage; you’ll sign a bill of lading when you receive your car. Taking steps like removing personal items and making sure tires are fully inflated may help minimize potential issues during transport.

Moving for work or simply moving to a new city can be stressful for you and your vehicle, and long drives may become time consuming and exhausting. If time is an issue or your classic or exotic automobile can only endure so much wear-and-tear before shipping could be the ideal solution.