When to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer After an Injury

A serious injury can wreak financial havoc on the lives of families. A workers’ compensation attorney can help to alleviate that stress.

Workers’ comp lawyers can help explain the process and alert you to pitfalls. They can also work to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

You Have Been Injured

Many situations can call for the help of a workers comp lawyer. Even in relatively uncomplicated cases, such as a back injury that makes it hard to walk or climb stairs, an attorney can help navigate the complicated process of getting compensation. They can explain how workers’ compensation insurance works, alert you to pitfalls, and honestly appraise whether you can represent yourself.

In other cases, a workers comp attorney can help you prove your injuries were work-related. It can be challenging, especially if the employer denies that the accident occurred at work or attempts to blame the injury upon a pre-existing condition.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can be the difference between getting the treatment and compensation you need. You may be asked to undergo a reevaluation by your employer’s insurer to determine if the injury has improved.

You Have Been Denied Benefits

A workers’ compensation lawyer will help you achieve a positive outcome. Insurance companies and employers are working hard to deny or limit your claim.

Your employer might try to claim that you weren’t injured at work or that the injury or illness was pre-existing or developed from another problem. Your employer may pressure you to return to work before you fully recover or to go to their doctor rather than the one you choose.

A workers’ compensation attorney with experience in this area will know the best way to contest these claims. They will file your appeal within the timeframe required and provide evidence to support it. You can also have them negotiate with the insurance companies to receive maximum benefits. They can argue your case in front of an industrial commission for a claim that has been denied to be reversed.

You Have Been Suspended From Work

An employee can usually return to work after suffering from a workplace injury. In certain cases, working with a workers’ comp lawyer is helpful. They can help you navigate the process and ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled to.

Suspension is a common practice in the workplace, particularly if an employee has been accused of serious misconduct and a workplace investigation is underway. The employer may also suspend employees to alienate them from the company, avoid them interfering with the research, and protect themselves.

Suspension for a legitimate reason can be very stressful for employees. However, suspension is often used as a disciplinary tool, and an employee’s rights are violated. It is a good idea to hire a worker’s comp lawyer if you have been suspended from work for a wrongful reason. This includes whether the suspension was motivated by discrimination or retaliation against an employee who highlighted health, safety, or legal concerns.

You Have Been Forced to Return to Work

No definitive moment after an injury signals when you should hire a workers comp lawyer. The best way to know is to allow an attorney to evaluate your case. Atticus can match you with a local worker’s comp lawyer near you to review your case for free.

Workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you in dealing with insurance companies, their attorneys and other parties who want to pay you the least amount possible. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you if your doctor or employer insists you return to the workplace before fully recovering.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you meet deadlines and file the necessary paperwork.

 They can also allow you to sue outside of workers’ comp if someone other than your employer contributed to the injury or you suffered injuries due to serious misconduct by your employer.